Thursday, October 22, 2009

In The Capital, You Can't Question. In Perak You Can.

...hahahaha this is what is called Malaysia Boleh.

But in reality, I call it inconsistency and contradiction. Both federal state constitutions stated that decisions in Parliament cannot be challenged in the court of law. Okay, fine I agree that Gobind Singh still gets barred but entitled for the pay as the MP, but somehow, I still find it hard to agree with the JC's opinion.

Looking at what was mentioned on 14 April, 6 months ago where the Federal Court allowed the challenge by Mamak Zambry, I find that there's something not right behind the veil. If the state Constuition can't allowed Sivakumar's decision (prior to his forced removal) to be contested that means, it's typically still a 28 vs 18 thing, if the suspension stands.

When the Federal Court allowed that thing, I still held conviction over the belief that the outcome was rigged by the political masters for they would not want to squander their ill-gotten gains. Any idiot, who might not be able to understand can understand that in another simple terms. If the Speaker who is a BN throws off a opposition MP, they would stand by the speaker. If a Barisan Nasional MP / ADUN gets thrown out or suspended, the verdict is definitely in favor of the BN MP. Rigging, right..... I know if the lose something they won back, then the one who gets very angry is the de facto leader, none other than Big Mama.

But still, there's a bonus where the High Court give a green light for Sivakumar to sue the Election Commission for refusing to declare the seats vacated by the rogue 3 as vacant. It will be a nice squabbling between PR and BN as they slug out to see who actually wins this thing.

Just as a reader's comment found in Malaysiakini, it's exactly what I'm saying:
Goh Seng Geap: The court is Umno's court. Anwar Ibrahim is the 'opposition'. The judges are duty-bound, they have to do what they are supposed to do.

If the judges breach any of the conditions they learnt during their boot camps, they will be transfer out or penalised.
But from what I piece below, it is to say who actually faults there.

1. After Sivakumar alerts the EC of vacancy of three places in Perak, EC refuses to acknowledge and declares seats not vacant. Not because of doubts but in fact that UMNO's lawyer, acting on Najib's instructions told them not do so.

2. I've said before, palace insider info reveals that if the Perak has BN as the state government, then the royal family will receive support from the Federal level. Otherwise, Raja Nazrin will never be acknowledged as the next Sultan if the state government is a PR / opposition government.

3. In the Zamby appeal an instruction from Najib was given to the Appeals court to give UMNO/ BN a 3-0 verdict against Nizar, thus overturning the High Court judgement that declared Nizar as the legitimate MB.

What a flip-flop to make a magic trick out of people...I wish if I have something that could shake the villainy down to the core. What can make and shake them down?

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