Saturday, October 10, 2009

Next By-Election: Johol?

Earlier on at the PAS press conference, I was listening to Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad talking with some fellow bloggers and I was told that the a possible state seat by-election could be happening in Johol.

* Roslan Md Yusof (BN - UMNO)3737Maj: 1263
Kamarudin Md Tahir (OPP - PAS)2474

It is believed that Datuk Roslan is having a terminal cancer and there is likely that a by-election could happen at earliest the end of this year (November / December).

I have double-checked whether it is Jempol or Johol and they have confirmed it to be in Johol.

Johol is located in Negeri Sembilan and it is part of the Rembau parliamentary area.

If there is a by-election that happens, I bet that Chegubard should stand for it.

Additional notes:

It is not only the possible by-election that could come in the space of the next two months or so. Two other places that could be considered were Kota Seputeh, where there is a pending case for the Kedah State Speaker against the Election Commission for declaring the seat vacant.

Another possible vacancy is the Pandan parliamentary seat since that MCA president Ong Tee Keat received a no-confidence vote and since he has mentioned that he would resign earlier on if he loses, chances are that he would vacate his ministrial post of course, but maybe...maybe the Pandan parliamentary seat, if it warrants the need to.

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