Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bagan Pinang Press Conference

Sallahuddin Ayub in his press conference repeated his statement yesterday about the postal voting irregularities as well as the statement to voters of rejecting Isa Samad. A leaflet detailing the reasons voters should reject Isa is as follows:
  • Corruption - UMNO Disciplinary Committee has found Isa guilty of corruption.
  • Failure to complete many of their projects throughout its administration.
  • Morgaged beach lands to foreign ownership. This includes the 6th Mile and the one reserve land specially for the Muslim cemetery.
  • Defending cronies for personal political reason.
  • Lied that local people will be given jobs but instead given to foreigners.

The new statement that he made today was in response to an article in Utusan that the district police chief of Port Dickson has accused Ayub for being uncooperative. Ayub was summoned to make a statement at the police station yesterday by an ASP in relation to the skirmish between PAS workers and the UMNO bikers at the 3 a.m. incident.

Ayub made a promise of coming between 6 to 6.30 p.m but managed to provide his statement, came at 6.45 p.m yesterday. The article written was according to him was lie and he demanded an open apology from the police chief.

It's approximately 11 hours away before the end of campaigning period and both sides are making the last push. From the analysis of the Pakatan partners, chances are 50-50 and we could see a hard fought win by the range of 300-500 votes.

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