Friday, October 9, 2009

Make The Wrong Choice In Bagan Pinang And...

Now I get the idea why Hisham Rais calls UMNO and BN as the MOB. Gerombolan this, gerombolan that. They are not willing to risk losing and making it 8-0 this time round. In fact, they have conceded too many goals and they are falling back to moving goal posts, bribe the referee, and so on. In fact this thing makes worst compared to the Arnold Rothstein rigging of the 1919 World Series.

Before you go on you might want to read some Hishamuddin Rais pieces - some make sense, though I don't really agree with his entire philosophy. Everytime UMNO is mentioned, the word MOB is used.

You look at how a PAS worker guy get beaten up and slash by the mob by people on motorbike, which is to say that they are no other than Nazis: if you don't like one race, you whack them. Though it has a different context, the similarities are there. Ketuanan Melayu is very similar to the Aryan Supremacy that Mein Kampf dictates.

In the middle of the main road of Jalan Pantai, the mob stopped and whack cars that carry the PAS flag. For what? Every people has the right of opinion. To force and shove your ideas to their throats means to say is to shut up and listen. In fact, listening without curiosity means to make fool of a person. Who's the more foolish? The fool himself or the fool that follows the fool?

I always thought of a leader who is unable to control the behavior is akin to the times during the pre-Three Kingdoms thing. At that time, court eunuchs in China are actually in control, not the Emperor. To attempt to stop eunuchs invites being beaten and whack for interfering. Likewise, in Jerusalem, the boy king Baldwin V - ended up succeeding his uncle, the leper king, could not control the state because of his age and affairs handled by others below him.

Now that you have seen how barbaric they behave, they are entitled to be called a four-legged person, not a two-legged. An animal more or less. I don't really have to repeat everything to say this and that. I leave it up to you readers, particularly those who are in Bagan Pinang to decide what to do next on Sunday. If you are going to the poll station, think twice before putting a cross on the ballot paper.

As I am entitled to my opinion, you can't simply pick by party. There are more than what it seems before choosing your things. Right now, the malpractices have been exposed by the PAS and its partners. So now you know, you will need to make a choice. Make the wrong choice and you will regret it for picking the wrong side. Blind faith to a party will not take you far.

I am told by my blogger friend that the Indian community, being the kingmakers of this part of Negeri Sembilan are really undecided on who to pick because there are Indian factions supporting Barisan while others supporting the Pakatan. Let make this in simpler terms to our Indian friends and fellow older generation voters out there:
  • Make the wrong choice, and you see more district resources plundered unnecessarily.
  • Make the wrong choice and you indirectly support a corrupt person.
  • Make the wrong choice and you support a barbaric act that detains person without proof.
  • Make the wrong choice and you invite more menaces to roam around your town.
  • Make the wrong choice and you are given empty promises in the end.
  • Make the wrong choice and you are saying thumbs up to someone that advocates helping one race but not the other.
It's your call. You decide.

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