Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flashback: Altantuya! Altantuya! Altantuya!

This week marks three years since Malaysia has witnessed one of the most gruesome murders in the country's history. Altantuya Shariibuu, the Mongolian translator who help brokered the purchase of jets and submarines was found brutally murdered in Shah Alam back on 19-20 October 2006.

As an anecdote, the last few gruesome murders that I remembered were the Nurin child murder, Canny Ong's and the worst was the Raub Mazlan Ahmad murder.

Despite the accused killers, two accused policeman from the Special Action Forces, found being guilty, many believe that the real justice is not served. Instead, many people were made to believe by the writings of the major dailies by having the two accused killers hanged, things will go back to normal.


People in France, Mongolia and elsewhere are still unconvinced of the outcome of the trial. The trial was a disgrace, shammed and rigged. And the real perpetrator of the murder is among us. In fact, there is plan to have the case brought to The Hague.

The murder actually remains unresolved to this day and a few people knew who actually did it. Where is the justice now? It's three years already.

But the problem lies on when the 'smoking gun' comes out. If the smoking gun is revealed, 1Malaysia is over, finished and whatever that is laid down goes down to the drain.

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  1. ( anthony mus) : siapakah dia ? NO such olang in the immigration file laa !!??


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