Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IGP Is Excellent? Wake Up Abu, It Ain't Excellent!

I find very funny and was amused that the Hisham Hussein's deputy Abu Seman was replying an answer to Lim Kit Siang that Musa Hassan's excellent performance was the basis of his additional year of extension in the office of the police force.

Quote from The Malaysian Insider:
Musa, 57, and with 38 years experience as a police officer, had met all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by the Chief Secretary to the Government.

“His reappointment as IGP is also due to the fact that he has yet to realise his efforts to improve the police force under the five-year strategic plan that started in 2007 and is scheduled to end in 2011. This plan was his own initiative,” the deputy minister added.

I can hardly find one very big moment that Musa is involved in and something that captures the admiration of the public like doing a big bust, capturing corrupt politicians / big cats, and so on that people gets satisfied. Instead, many people are still blaming the police for their high-handed tactics in handling protests, inability to solve crimes like robbery and so forth.

In fact it is public knowledge that Musa is somewhat connected with the top underworld and the papers that come from Malaysia Today leaked of the transfer of officers to other places who are found to be threat to the hidden operations that many people do not know.

A shame that many people are still kept in the dark of what is actually happening in the background.

Coming back I think that the top brass are really out of the touch of reality in deciding to extend our chap's contract. It is not as severe as Samy Vellu staying on for too long despite it is high time for him to leave the MIC and retire. Maybe they are given the wrong info or so on OR they know about it and decided to keep things under the carpet further longer by having the favorite chess piece still on the board. Either one can be part of the basis of the extension.

Excellent performance my ass!

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