Monday, October 5, 2009

If You Are That Stupid, Then Don't Show It!

It doesn't really make sense to see how that Mamak Azeez fellow ended up in a hospital for something that he thinks that it is serious. I mean you look at the picture, there this PAS guy supporter (I saw him there), patting the guy's shoulder and the next thing is that Azeez said that he got whacked by a group of people?

Get real. Maybe that's a way to elicit sympathy from other people and to draw the attention to say that PAS are bad guys. But then, it is the other way round of UMNO mob being the bad guys really.

Look at those pictures. Azeez was with Ismail Sabri. Then the PAS supporter came near him. And then they walked past him. Nothing wrong. No whining, no complaining, whatsoever. But how come he claims that he's beaten by nine people? Ask Sallahuddin Ayub and he'd say there are no marks / dirt on his shirt that he gets beaten or whatsoever.

True to be told, Azeez is a hate figure among the PAS guys. One significant thing about him is that he was caught red-handed attempting to screw votes by the PAS guys during the Kuala Terengganu by-election. If you remember the famous fable of the boy playing prank with the villages three times - you'd find some child story that can be used here.

Seeing the pictures in hospital, I was wondering whether if the PAS guy who was with him in that picture had that unusual strength to beat Azeez into kingdom come? But anyhow, people, PAS people especially don't really like this kind of guy. If there is one thing that can be learnt here is that if you are that stupid, please don't show to the people. It's something that some people would ridicule at you.

Or it is possible to say that you've got some health problems that fits the 'being punched' scenario? No way, mamak. In fact, smile, you've been ridiculed by other blogs everywhere!

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  1. dis fat mamak bermasalah 'IDtenT' but a maths guy who could count EXACTLY '9 ' among a crowd !
    his actions been back-fired so malu besar
    to face his macai , has to inflict himself painfully & hide ...HIDE laa ! @#$%^&* !


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