Monday, October 26, 2009

Beware: PKR Might Not Be What It Seems!

"No Way In Hell I Will Have Jeffrey As Chief!" - Anwar Ibrahim

This was from yesterday where much to the people's disappointment, Anwar wanted someone else other than Jeffrey Kittingan (a very good choice) to lead the Sabah division of PKR. Instead, he picked Thamrin Zaini to lead.

A few weeks ago, my PKR insider man warned me of such thing is to occur. The event above indirectly illustrated / or spells out to what he said that Anwar intends to do: replace all state division heads with those of his loyalists. As if Thamrin Zaini is not enough, the Penang state division chief, Zahrain was replaced by the Penanti assemblyman cum Anwar loyalist, Mansor Othman.

Of course, replacing division heads with those of his own is part of Anwar's possible long term elaborate plan to reach his personal goal / intention. When I asked what plan he wants to do, my insider said that the plan was pretty grim and I can sum up is that it is tantamount to 1982 or taking a U-turn to pre-reformasi days. But I will not go on here, except to let you figure how it could end.

And this infighting plays a part of why Zaid decides to take a six-months leave of absence.

As if that does not convince, my source pointed out to refer to two alternate pieces of worth reading.

On October 14, during the first day of the UMNO general assembly, Khairy called Anwar a political chameleon, manipulated Malaysians with rhetorics and vowed stop him from going to Putrajaya. This is the first caution that people should thread on.

Two days, later, fellow blogger Sakmongkol wrote about Resizing Anwar. Why would Anwar ease up on Altantuya or his Sodomy II case? After further elaboration, this also indirectly hints of the caution that people should thread on. I bumped to him yesterday at Bangsar and told him about his writing.

A few questions on whether you might want to consider again of being leaning towards PKR or otherwise.

1. Do you know that PKR is the weakest link in Perak and Penang?
2. Why is Anwar acting as if he owns the party by interjecting many things whereas he is only a party advisor? He is not a member nor a president.
3. Why is Anwar remaining silent over the Altantuya issue - he used to say it pre-2008 GE, but not now?
4. Some of you have heard of Anwar visiting Najib two or three times. Why?
5. Zul Noordin should have been suspended but Anwar stopped it. Why?

On the long term goal, both sides of the coalition, the Barisan and Pakatan would suffer considerable losses. It's likely due to people leap-frogging to one coalition or another and it is also said that in addition to others, there would be mass political casualties. All I know that one notable victim of political casualty could come out and it could be Muhyiddin.

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