Sunday, October 11, 2009

Polling Day in Bagan Pinang

Note: I started late this morning since I thought the group would start at 9 plus. But I only had two places to venture to start with that is Si Rusa and Teluk Kemang. I had to improvise.

I had a PAS worker to help drop me at Si Rusa, the first stop being at Si Rusa. There are lines of people from both sides at the main road. With BN mostly hurling insults to the PAS while they chant Quranic verses. At this time, Hatta Ramli is there, with Sharizat and the minister Shaziman at there. I was told that Shaziman would be around Si Rusa and Teluk Kemang. Hatta Ramli is still there. At this time, there are 50 BNs at Si Rusa with PAS people 6 times more.

I went with a ANN cameraman (met a few times, first the Lingam tape case) to Teluk Kemang. At the time of arrival, 5 FRU trucks with numbers of 68 personnel were deployed for crowd control at both camps. The BN camp consists of people from the Rasah and the Kuala Pilah division. Two people were arrested in an earlier skirmish.

Same thing happening in Teluk Kemang as well, 8th mile, with BN mostly comprising of school students, youngsters shouting at the PAS people. Some of them taunt and even ask them to disperse saying that 'Time for prayers (Zohor prayers), please leave."

Update: At the end of the polls:

74 Percent of votes from Teluk Kemang
78 Percent of votes from Si Rusa
Counting will start shortly and results would be announced by 8 p.m

Update: With 30 minutes before end of polling - and a surge of last minute votes coming in:

Panglima Adnan - 74 percent votes cast
Teluk Kemang - The voters are deterred via road blocks at Teluk Kemang. All BN supporters were out of the fold. 70 percent of votes

With 1 hour left before the end of polling:

Overall turnover of votes is at 65 percent
71 percent of votes being cast at Panglima Adnan
50 percent votes cast at Sea Butong
70 percent at Teluk Kemang.
62 percent at Si Rusa
Almost half of postal votes in PAS favor

Currently reporting at base camp, planning to go to either the estates or Teluk Kemang again later on.

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