Saturday, October 10, 2009

Masquerade, Impersonation, and Mob Fights at Bagan Pinang

Another press conference was called at 6 pm by PAS and vice-president Sallahuddin Ayub has revealed that he has received intelligence that UMNO and Barisan Nasional people will attempt to masquerade / impersonate as PAS - it is more or less attempting to blame them and smear the reputation of the Pakatan Rakyat.

A police report has been made at the Teluk Kemang station. In the report, it has been revealed that they will hold a parade, wear PAS shirts, use their banners and make PAS signature behavious in attempt to elicit unruly response from the mob. As such, a directive has been issued that all PAS people will not do anything including the Takbir shouts etc.

Also during that press conference, PAS Youth Chief Nasruddin Tantawi has revealed that an apology leaflet bearing his name and signature as well as the PAS Youth letterhead would be distributed. The leaflet details his apology for the mistakes made three days ago. In truth, Nasruddin revealed that he did not write any article used for the leaflet.

On the other hand, there was a mob fight between the PAS workers and the UMNO mob. The incident occured when the UMNO mob attempted to stop the PAS workers from putting up flags, alledging that they have crossed their territory. A few people were injured in the process with one of them bleeding profusely on the head. At the time of 6.45 p.m the incident being reported, both sides have yet to stop their fights.

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