Saturday, June 16, 2007

#100 Post And Civil War

MY #100 POST!!!!!

This post is my #100 post or shall I say that this is the 100th day I've posting since I started blogging a few months ago.

I met Edmund for breakfast earlier in the morning. I just got a call from him reminding me of the appointment. I was too sleepy after coming back from an outing late night to get stuff for Captain America #25 - a significant event that will rock the core of Marvel universe later - which I will elaborate later on.

So, Edmund helped me to do a financial review plan - something that will help me later on. I really need to make extra money already. The money that I had - active money - will not help much particularly in the medium term. So I started to think of online marketing, options trading and etc.. but the model starting cost is too much for me to start with - that's why I am unable to do so.

Civil War

Just read the entire story to understand the whole premise behind this. Civil War is Mark Millar's dig at the current George Bush administration. The events in the book, the Stamford disaster and the enforcement of the Superhero Registration Act is much a less a parallel of the 9/11 disaster and the pursuit of the enforcement of the 2002 Patriot Act by Bush. Many debated the pros and cons of the disaster and the enforcement.

Tony Stark has seen many incidents of the past - evils of the past - he sees the future and the consequences if actions were not taken. In his early life, Stark Enterprises was a point of munitions manufacturing and events like the 1999 Columbine incident -that endangers civilians prompted him to introduce the act to alleviate the fears and doubts of normal citizens living together with superheroes.

On the other hand, Steve Rogers, was part of the American Dream age. He witnessed World War 2, the events and actions that the U.S government would do - hegemony, secret empires and etc. Many people were angered by the fact that the bad side of Patriot Act is that agencies such as the FBI, CIA and the Justice Department misused the right of the Act to eavesdrop on normal average US citizens just to catch and prosecute people for alleged involvement in terrorism.

How ironic it is in the world where there is hegemony and evil around.

The debate of Civil War still rages on but a one shot called The Confession shows the debates and arguments as well as examines the perspectives from Cap and Iron Man.

Civil War was not the only story that comic fans should read. First of all, get the checklist to see what is the essential ones to cover. The next one, Frontline is more of the latest coverage of the events of Civil War through the eyes of Ben Urich and Sally Lloyd. It is more of a detective, news front story. It is not superheroes vs superheroes but the media perspective story.

Frontline is indeed much better than the main arc but it also fills up the missing gaps not included in Millar's arc. I won't go much into revealing the story except to advise you to pick up and enjoy reading it yourself.

The final part of Civil War is written by Captain America writer Ed Brubaker. This was in Captain America #25. I'm sure that the comic world was rocked to the core with the assassination of Captain America himself. About to be taken to the court of law but shot by Crossbones and a hypnotized Sharon Carter (Agent 13) - all part of the Red Skull's plan to humiliate Cap in front of the world - with his death - Death of a Dream is a nod to the JFK assassination. The aftermath of the event is disastrous - Sharon quit SHIELD, Bucky and Frank Castle took over Cap's role...Tony faces backlash, Spider-man quit the pro-Registration team...well the event marks the start of the punishment for ignorance and the evils of the world - with the return of Hulk in World War Hulk!

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  1. Congrats on your 100th post! :)

    You went up to Genting yesterday? Wow! I was having a slow day, reading Bruce Jones' Hulk and watching DVDs.


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