Friday, June 29, 2007

Black Magic Maid!?

My friend Edmund told me of a close-call disaster that happened to his family. Yesterday morning, his elder sister had spotted the family maid running around Giant unknowingly taking his second sand Bert around there. They brought her back and it was later discovered that much of the items - valuables were stolen by her -

Among the items stolen were passports, $2K of cash and some credit cards. The worst thing of all, was that the police - investigating the maid's room - discovered lots of black magic stuff that was used secretly. He told me of some mysterious symptoms, like him getting ill, May - his wife - injuring her knee, and her younger sister Regina appearing as pale as a zombie. I feel that this is her acts late at night. It was taken and destroyed elsewhere.

When such incident was discovered - he actually noticed it at around 11 p.m. Wednesday, he went to make a police report until 2.a.m. The next morning, they went searching for the maid and Bert. Everyone was on emergency leave. They found her in the morning and it's the second round at the police station. Until then, the maid's room would be sealed off for further investigation by the police. As of now, the maid is in the police cell and since it is clear crime and caught red-handed, there will be court sentence.

Thankfully, the contract with the maid agency has a conduct clause which means that the family has the right to throw and replace one or terminate their services without compensation if there is a report of conduct of the maid.

Never before I've heard an account that such maids, brought in to do their jobs would turn against their masters despite being treated as a human. There are many but not all would do that. I had a hunch that there are such cases like this would happen. That's why my Aunt Helen and I would oppose to the idea of getting a maid for my grandpa.

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