Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Compensation For Mistakes

My colleagues and I went for lunch today at a new cafe nearby office. Today was the first day and opening so we went in to try their food. We were made to wait for the food to come...took about more than 30 minutes.

We were pushing for them to bring our food in.

And there's some confusion behind the kitchen so some of the food that my colleagues ordered ended up later than mine. But we didn't expect the people there to approach us and ask for our feedback. So we hammered them with complains and suggestions like:

1. Bring a trolley.
2. Self-service for ready made food.
3. Drinks are too expensive
4. Sort out orders more effectively.
5. Food lacks taste.

The fourth complain was the longest part talked out. But we were the last group to leave the cafe by the time it was close to 2 p.m. But given the amount of criticism we gave out, we didn't expect them to compensate with desert and bottles of soy bean milk. The desert was complimentary. I guess they are embarrassed already, maybe it gives the first impression that customers might not be coming back to the premise again.

We bought a cake and celebrate birthdays for those who are born in June, but since the manager's birthday is somewhere around this week together with some others, we threw a small party together at the office pantry at around 3 p.m.

Photos are in the next post.

Man, I feel quite frustrated. I just could not figure out an answer to an assignment. Just no one knew about Access VBA so I tried fiddling around with Access. Finally, I just got an answer: just create a damn bloody sub-form!

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