Saturday, June 2, 2007

Would You Look At This!

I just went to town today. I already had in mind of going my with a friend of mine to see notebooks at Lowyat Plaza once he finishes his work at IPK - the K.L police contingent. Thought he would finish in the afternoon but in the end he finished quite late and I decided to go ahead and do things without him.

I spent the entire afternoon doing my work in the cafe and I thought of meeting with Edmund. When he messaged me, he was somewhere in town too. But he had other things and we could only meet some other day.

By the time it was around 5 p.m, it was raining like cats and dogs. Would you look at the skies there...!

At that time the picture was taken, it was around 6 p.m. Once I am sure that my friend couldn't make it for the appointment, I decided to go back home. However, I was surprised to find a lot of people stuck in the underground train. I decided to wait until the crowd thins down by visiting the opposite mall, Avenue K. Look at this shot:

Once I had finished taking a look round the more, I went back to the station. Still too many people. I just had no choice but to queue at one of the counters. While on the way back, I was kind of a little fearful of the lightning and thunder so I had to shelter inside the building and then dashing to some cover. But the last stretch was a little hard, so I just ran like mad to my car which I parked at the Royal Selangor Club. I never liked to park at KLCC for a long period. It costs more than parking at other places.

I could have finish my work there, but I didn't bring my adapter along. But I am surprised to see that Civil War has been restock and been given a 20% discount. I am looking forward to get those important ones...the main story and Front Line. 1602 Fantastic Four is also something to complement. But I need to clear my credit bills first.

"There is no good or evil. There is only DOOM."

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