Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will COLA do enough?

I know that I need to catch up my everyday policy of posting at least once a day but there are cases such as engagements and other things that prompted me to make up for the days lost.

Yesterday, the MTUC, Malaysian Trade Union Council has launched a picket in K.L, P.J, J.B and Penang to appeal to the government to enforce the minimum wage rule of $900 per private sector worker and an additional $300 for COLA - Cost of Living Allowance.

The Human Resources Ministry responded to the matter and urged them to drop the matter, taking into the account that non-local workers would also be accounted to that proposal. Which means, if you hire a cleaning maid, you may have to end up paying her monthly of at least $900. Currently, if you are hiring her on a twice a week basis, you would only need to pay up to $400 only, according to the present market rate.

However the ministry suggested the idea of allowing the wages for dock workers or cargo handlers.

Personally, I think COLA will do enough. Not all companies give a COLA to workers alike. I am fortunate though that my organization is paying an additional $200 presently for the COLA - still subjected to EPF, but somehow, it is better than having none.

It will do better than having asking for the wage thing. But private sector workers do deserve a pay rise like those in the public sector.

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  1. CoLA or no CoLA, i still stuck in a lousy family business...

    I don't have much outside working experience... but from my point of view, CoLA will help to relive a lot of employee money burden...

    But take not if this CoLA thingy is approved, you will see another big price surge on the market.

    P.S: Damn those politicians, free trade is a dream in malaysia people is still stuck with their STONE AGE mind.... Do something to cure this before you fully open Malaysia to free trade


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