Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It Clearly Says No, But...

On Sunday, I went out for dinner with my family to a restaurant that my grandfather fell in love and recommended me to go to.

It was my first time, but their 8th time there. It was the sense of curiosity that got him there.

But my dining experience was soured near the end when numerous people, men and women clearly smoked red-handed even though the signs at the premise warns of absolute no-smoking rule.

These fools are totally ignorant of what they are aware and should do. The worst was as days goes by the number of female smokers are getting higher and higher. No matter where I'd go for food after work, I can notice no less than three female smokers.

It that is part of the way to show off to other people that smoking is cool, then you are getting the wrong message to the people. I realized that the non-smokers are the ones that tend to suffer more. I witnessed the scar of the past - my late granny was used to be a smoker before she quit many years ago and I feel that it's the reason of what killed her.

Better wake up before that kills you.

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