Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Black Lagoon

I haven't been writing for many days already - today the fourth day if you keep counting.

When I went back home to Ipoh, I was introduced to a new Japanese animation series that my brother is currently watching - called The Black Lagoon.

Didn't show me the whole thing though, but he wanted to show me the best bits of the first season.

It is an adaptation of one of the manga comics that is well known in Japan.

Now don't brand me as an anime freak because of this incident. I watched one of the episodes that he said it as "must watch" and after that I found it kind of funny.

The Black Lagoon is actually a crack team of mercenaries for hire to the highest bidder. The team is led by a black man - Dutch the Boss. He is accompanied by Revy Two Hands - the only female of the posse with Benny the Mechanic and Rock the ex-businessman.

Okajima Rokuro is a poor limp=ass salaryman who was ordered to carry a special disc around for a top secret errand. Unfortunately, he was captured by the mercenaries and winds up being part of the team as Rock. Most of the time, their employers would be Hotel Moscow - a cell of ex-Russian military led by Balailaka.

Unfortunately, this is the only group picture that I managed to get my hands on. So:

From L-R: Benny the Mechanic, Rock, Dutch the Boss and Revy Two Hands.

Much of the premise can be found here and here.

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  1. Yeah "Black Lagoon" is a good show... Hey did i mention they have a season 2 too....

    All those RAMBO scene, J.Van Dam (tu... the one act in Universal Soldier) kind'a bad mouth... just to name a few...

    i know you don't watch much anime... but i highly recommend it's manga too... it's damn funny to watch a witty office guy on his way to became a though pirate....


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