Sunday, June 17, 2007

One Sucker Punch But Answers Shown

In the afternoon, I decided to beat the city blues by going to Genting Highlands and spend the entire night up there. Wait..will explain more. Genting Highlands was hosting the Guinness 9-Ball Tour with numerous top players including 2001 World Champion - Chao Fong Pang and 2006 World Champion Ronnie Alcato.

I met them briefly when they are taking breaks from their playing sessions. Also, there was also a speed ball challenge where the winner of challenge gets $2000 and a 3D/2N stay at Bali. I met the southern region champion, Richard and the night's winner, Tony Chong.

I was killing time as part to ease stress by playing pool on a winner-stay basis. So it was by coincidence that I met Richard, who was in need to practice for the challenge, that we let him spar against anybody at the two tables that anyone interested can play.

There were pints of Guinness malt all around and there was Asia's top speed pool female player, Cerie Chang. Other players too were there where I managed to document the accounts there.

I had some food that night and I was planning to return back to P.J in the morning at around 7 a.m. Late night, I met Richard again unexpectedly at KFC, whom he invited me for a meal that he could not finish it up. Tony then joined us and we talked about the speed pool thing.

I had a nap twice in the car, one while I was in the parking bay for about two hours. I got up and walk again around the big hotels. The other time was when I was at the rest house near Gombak. I took a nap for one hour.

So I went to have a cup of coffee while waiting for the guys from the company to show up at the futsal center. They had practice, warm-up sessions and various matches. However, despite scoring about five goals, I ended up having a bruised knee and palm as well as getting suckered punch (an accidental football shot hitting my eye. Thankfully, it was not severe.

What is interesting about today was that my new colleague engaged me with a conversation about knowing more of me and then about the career retrospective at the company. He's already been there in his second month. But it was through the talk that I managed to get some answers that I've been asking God through prayer. At least some answers are there, but more will show up. Still, it has yet to answer my main question in mind.

I felt that it is best to talk about this right after I finish my current work assignment.

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  1. No offense dude...

    Meet a few more celebs, you might became the next Kenny Sia (dunno him... go visit


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