Friday, June 15, 2007

I Just Can't Laugh Much!! Why?

Last week, I went watching Shrek 3. I watched because of one reason: I expected more laughs from Shrek and Artie (Justin Timberlake). Apparently, it was co-star Cameron Diaz, who was dating Timberlake at that time recommended the studio for him to play Artie - some sort of funny for Arthur.

Though it is another chapter of Shrek's life, I just simply can't laugh as much as comparing to watching the first two movies. I vividly remembered great moments in the first movie, including the cue cards, Fiona fighting Monsieur Hood's gang and as well as Shrek's tag-team wrestling match the evil lord's men for the right to rescue Fiona.

For some reason I cannot explain, the magic wanes in this installment. Maybe it's because it is in a different hands that the tone of the feature is a little different. Were Andrew Adamson who helmed the first two installments return for this, we might expect something different.

But I find those Arthur segments interesting but some were cut for instance Arthur asking lessons from Shrek of dating Guin - Guinevere or even asking something to hit Lancelot back.

You also find Charlie's Angels spoofs, and the Captain Hook thing...but I still just can't laugh at all. I just can't find it as funny (level of fun) as the first two. Shit...I'm repeating the line again!

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