Tuesday, June 19, 2007

If They Can, Why Can't We?

Fellow top blogger Rocky has found out that Indonesia has three ministers blogging as part of their efforts to reach the attention of the public online. It serves as an alternative channel besides the prime media - (e-mail, letters, newspapers, etc..). The latest minister blogging online is the Agricultural Minister of Indonesia himself.

It is now 3-0 between the blogging government men of Indonesia vs Malaysia.

Does ministers having sites are being considered as part of the count or statistic? Is the problem of no Malaysian ministers blogging part of Uncle Zam's must-follow principal that everyone must follow? (don't blog as most of we bloggers tell lies?)

  1. If the ministers are not keen to blog - then they are outdated.
  2. If they are keen but do not know how - they should get people to help them. Open your mouth.
  3. If the ministers want to listen more to the people - this would be a good place to expand your base of listening. Seriously, this one of the good example to improve the bridge between the leader - people and its relationship.

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