Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Block of Bad Events

The last few days was very stressful particularly at work. I found myself in a position where I had to deal many fronts. Finally as Friday approaches, I decided to take a leave on Monday to have a break from stress at work. Hopefully, a good day's break is enough to put things back at normal.

The first part of the events started last Thursday night. It was raining and I was on the way back home after a routine period of exercise. I was just after Armada Hotel when the cars in front brake abruptly. I braked quite hard, but the car was skidding and I by the time I braked hard enough I hit the back of a Proton car.

Shit...seems to be a long talk about fixing it in the rain.

Thankfully, the guy's is working in Low Yat, makes it easy for me to find him the next round to settle the damage. It all happened because of some fool's in front of both of us braking abruptly. This was not the only accident occurred that night. Less than 15 minutes after mine, another happened just behind us.

Okay, the guy was kind of a nice Indian whom is willing to show me the details of the fix, damages and etc..the next round I am in town. He called twice yesterday to see how am I doing and telling me that he couldn't go to work because he injured his left wrist - twisted so badly as his was on the steering wheel.

The car's bonnet got slightly dented except that I cannot close it completely. The impact has left the thing slightly out of shape and to fix it, some parts had to be removed before it can be fixed prior to reattachment. I am planning to do it next Saturday with a friend who knows some mechanics in a workshop in K.L.

That was only the first part of it.

The next day, I had a talk with my manager over such problems that I am facing and it seems that my answers are all there. He finally cleared things up, except for the ending which I am not that quite happy about. We admit that we didn't have much of the understanding and the line was not drawn for me to know. All those things happened while I am busy working on things to finish up by end of next month. Remember the fear which I told about in a few posts ago? There it goes...except for one last piece of the puzzle be known by next week. He asked me a question...what can I get from you if I solve your problems? I have no answer to it except to tell him what does he really want. We also agreed to meet often as on a fortnight basis to make sure that we are on the right track.

By the end of the day, I was slightly relieved but the aftermath of the last few days was affecting me so much that I decided to take a one day break and going back to work on Tuesday.

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