Friday, June 29, 2007

The Calderon That Brews Mistakes

Current Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is like a kind of guy that is above the law. No, it's not like the typical 'hand me down judgements type' but he has the right to decide who gets promoted up and down in the club's middle and lower hierarchy.

Yesterday's sacking of Fabio Capello, who also had a spell here in 1997 and also despite winning the primera Liga title would be the umpteenth time where he decides the fate of coaches in a split second. However, his decision sometimes would backfire and sadly, he makes bad decisions.

Take the instances of the following:

1. Jupp Heynckes was sacked in 1998 despite winning the European Cup, with current sporting director Predrag Mijatovic scoring the winner against Juventus. It was Calderon who would be the first man to speak out and seconded by former president Lorenzo Sanz. John Toshack was briefly brought in but he walked out of the club less than a month after that with a spat with Sanz and Calderon.

2. No less than one year after Guus Hiddink was brought in to replace, he was sacked despite leading the team to the Intercontinental Cup victory. Who was behind it? Calderon.

3. Despite leading the club to Primera Liga titles and two European Cup titles between 2000-2003, Vicente del Bosque was asked to leave when his three year contract expired. Despite the success achieved. Who was behind the idea? Calderon, seconded by Fiorentino Perez.
4. From that on, the club mired into problems where they could not win a league title since 2003. Number of coaches go in and out including Wanderley Luxemburgo, Juan Lopez Caro and etc.. But the fact is that Fiorentino Perez sacked coaches based on the influence of Calderon, not by himself.

Parallel Scenario

The problem right now is there are cases where the management never understands the mechanics of the lower echelon. Movie-making business is also a case that falls into this. Ridley Scott' s film Kingdom of Heaven would get better ratings had they release the complete 194 minute cut. However, Fox co-chairmen, Tom Rothman and Jim Gianapolous insisted on having a butchered 150 minute cut. Their decisions backfired though as the film had mixed reviews
and earned $211 worldwide - considered a flop despite recouping the film's cost.

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