Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Comics Galore For September

Saw the Marvel solicitations today. Contains very impressive TPBs coming that I will need to get those:

1. Captain America Omnibus HC:
This is one hell of a big book. It collects Winter Soldier, Red Menace, Civil War tie-in and ends with The Death of a Dream. It also includes the 65th anniversary special and the Winter Kills one-shot. Altogether 25-arc type issues and one-shots. But the catch is that the price is at about $75 USD! Sometimes it's worthwhile to buy the big collection here. But the story is well written by Ed Brubaker -who also writes Daredevil as well!

2. Daredevil: Hell To Pay Part 1

I don't know why the story inside is being labeled as part of the big story title. Hell To Pay Part 1 is about To Devil With His Due. This time, Melvin Potter - Gladiator is back in Hell's Kitchen, and he holds Matt's wife Milla hostage. To what end? I owe you something? This arc marks the start of Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark's second year in DD. They never fail and the successfully captured the spirit left off by Bendis and Mack.

3. The Punisher MAX: The Widowmaker

This is the # 1 one book on my want list for September. 5 women seeking revenge for the death of their husbands has one goal in common - to whack Frank -. What they didn't expect is that Jenny Cesare is joining the game and she has the score to settle with big sister Annabelle, Lorraine Barrucci, and the gangster princess Shauna Toomey. Why? Simple: Shauna cut her *breasts* out!
September 19: That's what they say this will be out.

4. Punisher Presents Barracuda

Our lovely black baddie that has a very good sense of humor is now starring in a mini-series following the events of Barracuda. Not even a buckshot from Frank can stop him and surprisingly, he was able to escape from the clutches of a shark. This time, our lovable "Wizard 2006 Best New Character" is playing bodyguard to a hemophiliac Oswald - guarding him against rivals attempting to cash the kid's father out. More humor....yeah! And this is the prelude to Round 2 of Frank vs Barracuda - The Long Cold Dark (50-54)

We'll be sailing....we'll be *muthafucking* sailing home again!!!!

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