Sunday, June 3, 2007

Raining Cats and Dogs

Today is the second time in row that there's heavy downpour in K.L. Heavy rain, with lightning and thunder. I am stuck in the Starbucks cafe. I just simply had to wait for the rain to subside first before going out. Interestingly though, since this two weeks are school holidays, I saw a big number of Singaporeans or southerners coming up to K.L for the holidays.

I just lazed around the bed for a quite a long time today. So I had brunch a few hours ago. I couldn't think of what to do besides going to town or buy the groceries. Nothing except those two things in mind. I just also thought of finishing my XML work for Project Aon.

I spoke to a few friends online, the one from Sabah, Simon and another one in Australia doing his studies. They are fine really. I just purposely killing time here...I just couldn't think of something interesting to talk for now.

Yesterday at Kino, I saw a big stock of Marvel Civil War. They are offering 20% off for the Civil War related titles as well as Eternals. Simon also mentioned this. To save cost, I am getting Frontline via Torrents. I am really looking forward into reading that stuff. The storyline is just a dig at the Patriot Act enforced by the Bush Administration.

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