Friday, June 15, 2007

Feeling A Little Better

I felt a little more better than before. Got work cut out throughout this week and next week as I will be conducting some sort of training, Q&A of the bug tool to be used by people in the office. We're now in running in a live simulation of using in the environment.

But the concern is about the license expiring next week.

A colleague of mine is getting wed end of the month, and I've been invited to go over. Likely to book a room downtown as to avoid driving back home. Save a big trip and avoid driving under heavy drinks just in case.

Will be meeting Edmund tomorrow to talk about Civil War. I guess he is really looking forward into watching those events unfold. About 18 issues or 21, if you count all to wade through and read the entire saga of Civil War.

Sigh...while I am trying to download extra stuff..this I kept repeating in SMS messages, I am doing a little more XML work - try to cover as much as possible. I also thought of going to Genting either tomorrow for a day or spending a night in July - want to see the MLTR concert there.

Then on Sunday, it's futsal time! Company club activity. Were it held last week, I could have celebrated Father's Day back home.

I guess I have to do without that.

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