Monday, June 18, 2007

World War Hulk Snips

Remember that day on Civil War review that I've mentioned that those people behind the Civil War that tore the Marvel Universe apart?

Well, those people responsible are going to pay for it.

Since May, Marvel has kicked-off the event of the year. If last year's main event is Civil War, then this year's event is:


The Illuminati sent Bruce Banner away to a remote planet called Sakaar and there, he survived for six years, becoming a gladiator in arena combat, ascending his way to the throne of Sakaar. He was called the prophesied Green King.

He returns to earth seeking the revenge of the members like Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Strange who jettisoned him -while on board of a SHIELD repair pod.

The one thing that people never expect is the Hulk's intellect. For the first time, he was able to think and behave like a real man. This was one thing that Iron Man will never anticipate. When he gave the warning:

"Now..this city will fall. You have 24 hours to evacuate. When I return, I want to see Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and Dr. Strange. And if they're not there..I'll do this to your whole STINKING PLANET."

The first victim was Black Bolt.

Planet Hulk is a must-read before going to here.

An article of review of issue one is here:


  1. Sooooo busy today. Still working on your financial review. Finished reading Bruce Jones' "Hulk" and Brian Azzarello's "Banner". Both are pretty good. Looking forward to the Planet Hulk hardcover... :)

    How was the DVD shop at SS15? You bought anything after you talked to me over the phone?

  2. Didn't buy any videos. There wasn't those cool videos that I really wanted.

    Reds was my first choice and then I was thinking of getting T2 Extreme Edition - Disc 2 is the HD-Theatrical cut of the movie that is played beautifully in HD for my laptop.

    Anyhow, I might be looking for a shop in SS14 PJ - just near my office.


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