Saturday, June 23, 2007

If You Call Them Stupid, What About You?

Malaysia has signaled its intention to clean its image by intensifying efforts to beat crime and corruption. However, some MPs (Parliament Members) questioned the government's efforts and its current standing in its fight.

In this video, Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang's criticism and questioning - which by right he has the right to know were immediately quashed by "poster boy" PM Dept Minister Nazri Aziz.

These were what was said by Nazri as quoted by Malaysia Today:


“Malaysia will never develop as long as we have people like (Parliamentary Opposition Leader) Lim (Kit Siang). All these (corruption allegations) are lies. Why are you so stupid? Where are the allegations? You have no brains. Stupid, stupid, stupid!... "


“Singapore is not a real country, it is a small island. Singapore’s population is just three to four million and there are no opportunities for corruption, unlike in our country.


“We have a freer media now that allows many voices to be heard. That is why we have many people making unfounded allegations in the media,” responded Nazri.

Citing the Johari Baharum case (for allegedly receiving RM5.5 million in bribes to free several criminal suspects held under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) as an example, Nazri said the allegations had appeared on blogs and anybody could create a blog.

Opinions from the debate are:

1) Most Malaysian MPs in the Pro Alliance faction have an education foundation of up to Form 6. Interestingly though, the majority of PAP MPs in Singapore are well educated and do have university degrees. Thus explains the better mentality and insight compared to Malaysia.

2) From #1 we can attribute to #2 - whereby awareness of corruption and the capability of solving problems much efficiently is proven in Singapore.

3) The case of Johari Baharum is actually a reverse of what is reported in papers. An article by political / social writer Raja Petra Kamaruddin revealed that there is an alleged conspiracy involving at the Malaysian Corridors of Power that involves top government officials and the underworld.

4) The freer media reply by Nazri was bullshit. Much freedom of media was allowed during the Mahathir administration, unlike the now whereby there is a ruckus against media by old-school government officials like Uncle Zam and Shaziman.

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