Saturday, June 9, 2007

Unexpected Times

I always insist that my blog is part diary, part commentary, and part reviews. It depends on what I really want to say and my current mood.

Some happy unexpected moments occurred in the last two days. I wonder whether it could be the result of my depression. But I absolutely refuse to believe this kind of theory. Was it that I am rewarded for patience / penitence or maybe something else? Take these two cases:

1.) One of my credit cards got upgraded to a Gold Card but I didn't ask for an upgrade.
2.) There are two guys that I bumped into - saw those two at the cafe that I went on Wednesday.

I was too tired yesterday and I got up at around 2 a.m. That's why I posted something about hegemony theory or something. Then I fell back to sleep and woke up in the afternoon. I just feel like staying back at home whole day starving through until the whole night. But I just had something in mind. So lonely...thought of putting it in the previous post just now.

It's only the computer, the Internet and some work that keeps me company. Otherwise, it would be a different story.


  1. So is this somehow some supernatural thing that is born in you? You need friends dude.

  2. Nah, nothing supernatural in banks upgrading your credit cards - they just want you to be in debt a little bit more! Haha! Just kidding. Seriously, I'm thinking that it's probably healthy for you to stay away from books (e.g. Chomsky) for a while. Get out and breathe the fresh air, bro.

    As for job stress, that's sometimes quite inevitable. I made a stand against "The Secret" yesterday. My boss and colleagues sort of made that "required reading" for everyone. What next? Collective visualization/meditation sessions instead of formal business meetings? I told her that I'm committed to work hard/smart at my job. I'm committed to be successful and to help other people with the financial planning queries. But I simply cannot endorse or approve of "The Secret". To be honest, I was practically ready to be fired already! Thankfully, no such response was forthcoming.

    Melvin, to be very honest. God is not just someone you and I call out to in order to "get something". The consumer-driven churches/self-help gurus of the West have for too long presented the teachings that God is the Comforter/Encourager/Motivator from above. Truth is, He is first and foremost the LORD of All, the King of Kings. He is GOD. And as such, He deserves first of all, submission to His Will, loyalty to His Name and reverent worship. He is not Aladdin's genie - only exist to make our wishes come true. He is either Lord of All or He is not Lord at all. Do you know Him as Lord? I don't guarantee happiness (which is fleeting). But He promises JOY (which is eternal - regardless of the circumstances one is in).

  3. i agree with mr.edmund here. God can not make your wishes come true. Work hard/smart and believe that you can do it. Well, about your stress at work, i could only say .. welcome to the real world. If your boss gives you one tough job, and you're getting frustrated with it, you'll never succeed. Just do whatever you can, enjoy your work. Get away from all your comic books, your computer and your games. Meet people outside, have fun . "in the correct way" . Smoking shisha's is definitely not the right way for fun. Hahaha. May god bless you with love.


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