Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Afraid Of The Truth?

It seems that the government has failed to deliver on the promises as mentioned in the 2004 manifesto.

"There is something rotten in the state of Malaysia."

The statement by former PM Mahathir Mohammad rings true. Major newspaper only published the smell of roses, but behind the roses would be the smell of shit.

True to the fact, not many projects got kick-started despite big announcements.

Politics, bureaucracy and mismanagement including red tape as well as corruption are the five main factors which impede the economy's progress. No wonder I feel that we are losing out to Singapore. And now, the PKFZ project is just but a talk in the air. No real progress was documented. And the claim that politics and mismanagement by the Transport Ministry is hitting the sink.

Speaking of the truth, the rap Negaraku portrays the intended message. They should be taking this message and buck it up - take lessons from it. Instead, they manipulate the law for their own needs and instead push for Wee's apology.

The Indians in Malaysia are the ones that under the minority group that tends to suffer more than anyone else. They find themselves being singled out among all the races in Malaysia.

The government is still consisting of corrupt officials - the same ones that would bribe people money for votes in elections - party or general elections. But the problem here is that most of the 60 percent of the population tend to listen to pleas and sweet words of those who are campaigning without a single thought. A voter can be swayed to vote for them when they are offered at least $200 in exchange for their vote.

Seems that they are afraid of the truth. Are they afraid that the citizens cannot handle the truth?

That is the fear that they have. The people must now take up the right to decide the right leaders to lead their nation. They need them to guide, not to direct blindly.

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