Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mob Rule Mentality

Let's remember that 60% percent of the population of Malaysia (currently standing at 27 million people) are Malays. And they are the ones that have the mob rule mentality - hence if there is case of a change in policy, such as increasing the allocation of non-Bumi seats in universities, there majority would protest against the minority. In such cases, the minorities are the ones to suffer.

Much of the people in the majority are swayed by the word of mouth and the moment the phrase of 'threaten the rights' are uttered. Not many would do the thorough math nor the deep consideration of actions against them. Most of them adapt the follow the figurehead approach.

The late Tunku envisioned Malaysia as a nation where everyone gets the same treatment as others, mutual great respect for all and no one can be spared from it. However after the 1969 riots following the opposition victory in the general elections, the vision was not accomplished.

Such kind of behavior can be mirrored as what is documented in Rousseau's Social Contract - as uttered by Zam a few times before. Part of The Social Contract states:

  1. The myth of the king as God to legislate is over and legislation is run by the citizens, in the form of sovereign.
  2. A society is controlled by the general will of the populace. In the Malaysian scenario, it is clearly stated who dictates the society.
  3. Freedom under the social contract is living according to the code-of-ethics imposed.
What is documented here speaks about mob-rule mentality but shows the lack of respect for the minority:

PAS wants KL mayor to cancel Stefani’s gig

KUALA LUMPUR: Federal Territory PAS Youth Exco members have handed a memorandum to Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Hakim Borhan calling for the cancellation of Gwen Stefani’s The Sweet Escape 2007 concert next Tuesday.

A five-man team, headed by Kamaruzaman Mohamad, handed the memorandum yesterday to KL City Hall Enforcement Inspector Adnan Baba at the City Hall lobby. Adnan passed it on to the Special Officer to the Mayor, Mohd Nazam Harun.

“This concert does not bring any good to Malaysians except invite youngsters to enjoy themselves, mix around too freely, get drunk and commit sins,” he said.

Asked if he had seen any of her concerts, Kamaruzaman said he had not but had seen her pictures on the Internet and advertisements on television and they were indecent.

Earlier, the team also handed over a memorandum to Maxis Communications Bhd, the parent company of Hotlink, the concert’s presenter.

Stefani, 38, will be performing at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur at 8.30pm.

The mob-rule mentality has resulted of racial tensions between the majority and the minority with the minority are the ones to suffer. Not only that, it results in the inconsistent allocation of wealth to all the citizens. Only the majority elite are the ones to be exempted from this. This results in corruption still running rampant and the country can never progress or possess the mentality that can be respected by everyone.

The Regent of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah has ringed the call for a change in mentality if we are to combat this situation. And it has to start with the majority and a change of figureheads. The ones that is likely to influence and sway the herd is not the government, but the UMNO youth division.

If this thing prolongs without putting a stop to it, expect to see much of the anger from the minorities in the future. My worry is that this might start at the post-Abdullah period.

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  1. Wow! We just discussed this mob-rule thingy on Friday night and you've written your entry on it already. :)

    I just came back from Johor. Food was good. People/culture was torturous, as usual. Haha! Believe me, mob mentality is still better than the disease infecting the average Johorean - superstition. :(


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