Monday, August 27, 2007

The Rich and Greedy

Image by Mob's Crib

This is a classic example of fat men. Not the physical fat men, but those who are rich, corrupt and worst of all, this man is a Member of Parliament. Member of Parliament of Klang.

You are an MP but you built your own house - a rich man's house in front of a garden estate populated by normal people. People will look kind of little jealous about you.

Last week, this man and a few company directors were cleared of 37 charges against them.

Show off. Isn't that a show of vanity? MP, make money through other businesses and build your own house like you don't even care of your duty?

As an MP, it is foremost a duty to help and serve the public who had entrusted you with the job to lead them, speak out for their troubles and always be ready in the time of their need.

But hey - he's shaking his legs. Building his big mansion, opening an illegitimate food shop without the council's permit and you still can get away with nothing?

Surely there must be someone above that is pulling the judiciary strings. In my opinion, maybe the judiciary was told not to do so against the VIP man like this man above for the risk of losing promotion. But who would be that mysterious party?

VIPs getting a preferential treatment or special treatment? They are spared from the blushes. But what about this scenario against an ordinary person like Wee Ming Chee? Wee was never given the chance. The idea of keeping him in leash despite apology shows how these big men practice double-standards. It's like clubbing a person to death, unconvinced of the sincerity.

I'm still scratching my head trying to understand that thing.

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  1. Fat Man.
    Wilson Fisk.
    As Drawn By Sienkiewicz.
    Fat Spider.
    Extending Its Web Of Sin And Corruption.
    One Lone Vigilante.
    With A Blogspot.
    Instead Of Billy-Clubs.
    One Lone Vigilante.
    Enough To Bring Down.
    To Bring Down.
    That Mountain Of A Man.
    That Mountain Of Sin And Corruption.
    Harvey Oswald.
    To An Arthurian Pretender.
    Armed Not With A Gun.
    A Notebook.
    A Blogspot.
    And Down Falls Baby.
    Cradle And All.


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