Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Toilet That Never Opens

I recently read the newspaper article where Deputy Education Minister Hon Choon Kim visited my old school St. Michael's Instituition about the so called cleanest toilet of Perak.

They said that the canteen as well as the new toilet would be used as the model and the benchmark to evaluate the school cleanliness.

But I got word from students still in the school that the toilet was never opened to the student and teachers population in the school. For some reason unexplained, the new place was locked at all times and instead students are required to go to the older block of toilet adjacent to the new one.

I find that having this inaccessible to the students is a discrimination and a sign of refusing to share the whatever that the school deserved to the students.

I do not who makes that kind of ridiculous decision, either it's Brother Matthew Bay or the principal or one of those fools in the administration department.

Whatever the case is, it is time to have that place shared by those who helped to donate via ticket participation of the school drama a few years ago.

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