Friday, August 10, 2007

Mocking But Has Points

The recent case of a student, NameWee (Wee Ming Chee) performing a parody of the National Anthem (Negaraku) that has triggered an outrage from the politicians shows that the Bolehland guys and the politicians still lack the open mindedness that was part of the National Front's 2004 manifesto for the general election.

These guys would make comments when the incident such as this spreads like wild fire.

But they have forgotten a few things before making their remarks like those AMNO people would do (since they rule the roost)

  1. These guys had not examined the video footage entirely.
  2. Though the video is deemed to have remarks that might hurt the reputation of the country, they have yet to examine the flipside of the story, which is the intended message to be conveyed by Wee.
  3. The intended message conveyed is actually true, the non-Malay friends tend to suffer more due to policies that tend to expand the gap between races and the laid-back attitude of government staff as well as the inefficiency of the police force.

The government should take heed of the message intended to convey and start bucking up their mistakes rather than criticizing the person for making a sick joke at the national anthem. In the past 2 years, the government's reputation has been battered including the recent war of wills between them and the bloggers...etc.

Please buck up!

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