Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And They Agree With Us

I've two extracts from the letters published in today's InTech section of The Star that speaks in relating to blogging. After reading them, I tend to concur with their opinions.

The first one is about the truth exposed about politicians. Quote:

Clearly, the bloggers have been unearthing irresponsible acts by some politicians.

The simple fact is that if any of these individuals are so degraded and defamed by the bloggers, they can just take them to the courts and secure justice by proving that the falsehood bandied about has gravely affected their reputation.

Failing to do so simply tells the bloggers and their readers that these individuals who make a dance and song about the website postings lack courage and are probably guilty of the accusations hurled at them.
The second one is speaking of not to block blogs. At this time of writing, the link is down.

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