Monday, August 20, 2007

Offdays Explained

There are a few people who actually asked me, especially Edmund who asked me of why I didn't write posts for the last three days given that I was so used to the one post per day rule.

Well, the main reason is that my family just came down to K.L on the weekend, just left this evening and they went to visit relatives, and all the coincidences with my father's own agenda.

I actually met them after a seminar meeting with Ewen Chia, the number 1 market affiliate in the world, who offered me some tips on helping me to get start with my own web page. I'm still looking for books to help me improve my web page development skills, by starting off with an html page.

Of course there's dinner with the relatives.

The next day it's meeting people including my granduncle and as well as taking my brother who recently joined Christianity - I didn't know until he revealed to me in dinner - and stopping by my house to get some things for him, before meeting them.

We had dinner two of us alone. And today I took a leave off to help them - in case there is a short of hands.

Enough? Hahaha....and later I will be making a post later on - what's happening in the Malaysian scene, as requested by a friend of mine.

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