Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Pictures From Tunku

More pictures from Tunku The Musical as mentioned yesterday.

That's me and Zamil Idris, the lead player as Malik. For those who do not know who he is, he is the host of the RTM2 morning talk show Hello on Two along with Terrence Dass. This week, he would be appearing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

I met my cousin at the big room before the hall entrance, when he introduced himself to me.

It's the one and only Hannah Tan on the right. I met her the last time at 789 exactly one year ago. She can't seem to remember, but I do. She does have her official site - or you can find her at Friendster portal.

That's Faridah Merican being interviewed by The Star reporter. When the show was over, both husband and wife asked me for the feedback. Told them that most of the events are squeezed and get into point in the form of musical numbers. The feeling is like watching Reds.


  1. You met Hannah Tan? WOW! Lucky guy! :)

  2. You met Hannah Tan? WOW! Lucky you... :)


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