Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do What You Think Is Right

I appeal to the authorities who are taking orders to from the officials of the Bolehland to use the Constitution as the guide in terms of enforcing the law. The should not be subjected to directives of high-rank officials that could be against what is deemed right and lawful.

It is time for officers who are in the service to use their conscience and do what is supposedly right.

I am quite impressed that Marina Abdullah took only 90 minutes to have her statement recorded by the police rather than the 8 hour statement that was recorded from her husband RPK.

I urge our policemen and fellow citizens not to become the mere puppet of a government but instead should be able to think for themselves correctly and logically.

Let us heed to the principles and the call of the Regent of Perak Dr. Nazrin Shah to put aside differences and focus more on nation-building instead of squabbling which can lead to self-destruction.

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