Friday, August 24, 2007

You Always Were An Asshole!

You always were an asshole, Gorman.
(Vasquez, Aliens)
And so is Mat Taib. The Muhammand son of Muhammad is reportedly refusing to face Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who challenged UMNO and Mat Tyson himself to an open debate scheduled a month from last week.

Excerpts from a source I've found in Malaysia Today: (sorry, but in Malay language)

Bagaimanapun, Muhammad dilaporkan enggan berbuat demikian dengan alasan Raja Petra cuba mengalihkan isu sebenar.

>>He refused to do so with the excuse that Raja Petra tries to shift the real issue.

27 Julai lalu ahli Umno menggangap Muhammad sebagai ‘hero’ apabila membuat laporan polis terhadap Malaysia Today.

>> UMNO members consider Muhammad as a hero when making the police report against Malaysia Today last 27 July.

Malah ‘kejantanannya’ kononnya semakin terserlah apabila beliau berkata sanggup mati dibom demi mempertahankan Raja, agama, bangsa dan negara.

>>He showed his guts of being a man when he declared that he was willing to be bombed to defend the King, religion, race and the country.

Rupa-rupanya apabila diuji, ‘jantan’ mereka hanyalah di kelompok penyokong dan nampak gah dalam media milik mereka. Apabila diajak berdepan secara terbuka mereka akan kecut dan menikus - tidak lebih dari itu.

>>But it seems that when the guts of male is only revealed to be among the groups of supporters and with the media to support. When invited to show up openly, they would be afraid and hide like rats - not more than that.

Muhammad salah seorang daripadannya. Beliau menolak cabaran Raja Petra dengan alasan pengendali web Malaysia Today itu cuba menutup ‘kesalahan besar’ yang kononnya menghina Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Islam dan Melayu.

>>Mat Tyson is one of them. He turned down Raja Petra's challenge with the excuse that the Malaysia Today web owner tries to cover his big mistake of allegedly insulting, the King, the religion and the Malay race.

He's a coward after all. Maybe he is afraid to react since there are tones of evidence of his wrongdoing. I've lost count of how many mistakes he has done, by I would like to invite you, especially the international audience to read this article: Muhammad son of Muhammad, I accept! He's chickening already. If he doesn't show up, it means, you are giving RPK the clear fact that you are in the wrong already.

He's afraid of the truth hitting out.

Mat Tyson is always an asshole - another Vasquez echo courtesy of Aliens (1986)..PWAAK!

Bloggers as karaoke singers?

Today ZAM compares bloggers as karaoke singers:
He said some people might enjoy their "singing", especially those who shared their views, but many rejected them because they sang "out of tune" and their views were unacceptable to the majority of the people.

He said some of the bloggers were those who had once received the attention of the mainstream media, but were now rejected, and so had to find a new avenue to vent their frustration. However, not many people read their pieces.

"Anyway, I see this development as something positive because with the opportunity to "sing in the karaoke", they can relieve their tension and 'addiction'.
And the statement of saying the mainstream media will sway more people than blogs. Of course the mainstream is government-controlled, fools. There is definitely censure and our editors are under pressure of not letting a single thing hit the fan that is the government or they will risk losing their job. Is that something they had to bear and don't like? I mean the editors? Yes!

You dolt! If people starts to know the truth then what happens to the politicians. Some are cheered, some are jeered and some will be arrested by the ACA.

But you are also comparing those who write diaries, life rants and those who love cooking as karaoke singers! Your statement is encompassing every living person in Malaysia who might not be involved in social commentary but women and children!

I told you many times already. Start a blog and let your stories and information tell you the actual picture of what blogging is. If you don't have...don't open your mouth on this subject. But I am not forcing you. I have lost count of the number of times people hit back at ZAM because of this ridiculous remarks.

All images are courtesy of Mob's Crib

You always were an asshole, ZAM - another round of line from Vasquez (Aliens)!

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