Saturday, August 4, 2007

Annoying Dog

So far in the past few days in the house, there are only two things right now that seems to annoy me.

The first thing was that the air-conditioner in my room is still leaking water. Simply put that if you leave it running after 15 minutes, the thing will be leaking water, and I had to fetch a pail to contain the dripping water. But the things is that I have no idea of when a mechanic will come and fix this problem.

The second and more annoying than ever is the landlady's white dog, which was waiting for me whenever I reach home from work or exercise. It would be waiting for me like that crazy as if it wants someone to let it go out and play. At this time of writing, it took me more than 5 minutes before I could try going into the house. The dog will stand up and try to push me to let it out. I ended up having scratches on my hand and my left leg!

Will have to find out another way to tame that bloke. Damn.

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