Sunday, August 12, 2007

They Still Never Get It!

Yes, they still never get it. It seems that AMNO men still thinks that bloggers are still spreading slander and lies over the net and claims that the truth spoken is an insult to the government.

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Bernama article, 11 August 2007

Umno Youth Wants Regulatory Control Of Bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 (Bernama) -- Umno Youth Chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said today the time has come for regulatory control of bloggers who resort to unethical means to belittle the country's leaders and mock national symbols and instruments.

He said the movement would not tolerate anyone, particularly bloggers, who threaten national stability, harmony and traditional values of the country.

"Umno Youth warns that freedom has its limits and we will not tolerate those who touch on the issues of national stability, harmony, cultural values and the personality of national leaders," he said when opening the Subang Umno divisional delegates conference here.

Hishammuddin related how irresponsible bloggers had victimised him and his family by spreading slander and even published the picture of an indecently attired young woman whom they claimed to be his daughter.

On Malaysian mass communications student Wee Meng Chee, 24, in Taiwan who rapped to the Negaraku in a video clip, Hishammuddin, who is Education Minister, said the student had discarded the cultures and values of Malaysian society.

How ironic that these guys make that kind of remarks if they had not examined the flipside, which is opening up a blog for yourself and speak to the people. In other words, increase more interactivity with a normal citizen. Why can't they embrace that kind of technology? Is it some sort of sin?

As the Education Minister, Hishamuddin should follow the example of certain MPs or other government people who do have blogs as to reach out to the people. To criticize this shows that you are pre-Internet minded. It's okay to get someone to teach, as long as you have understanding of blogging. Blogging is a blooming phenomenon, which attracts more and more people everyday.

At least the MCA is going for a more subtle approach, which is to give Wee a chance to explain his actions and it also allows them to understand the intended message to be conveyed.

There is a Malay saying of keeping the boat steady. This means that if a little friction happens to the boat, the boat will rock left or right.

Azalina is a dolt that follows what the boss say, according to this article. They think they are high and mighty. But in the past one or two weeks, the Rulers are starting to voice their dissatisfaction over the Bolehland administrators. The Regent Dr. Nazrin's Shah's message is indeed the actual thing that should be followed: The Constitution is law and Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as official religion. Simple as that. Why want to make more ruckus out of it? Is it to show how mighty some groups think they are?

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  1. Hmm...

    The KAUM TUA thinking... They keep on asking us to have open mind. But instead they (the politician) are doing it the way-round.

    (Jokingly) The next thing you know our heroes fron NS might stop learning about defending the country and start to have a FARMING class in national service...


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