Sunday, August 12, 2007

Venturing into Making More Money

I've decided to start into a new venture of making money - internet marketing that is.

Over the last month, I've spent time and money getting a web-host, setting it up together with an e-mail account and then the last few days, setting an account of where the money can be cashed in.

The money venues would be Clickbank, Paypal and etc.. but Clickbank is not Malaysia friendly so I had to find a Singapore address, which conveniently one of my dad's friends suggested his old address in Sengkang, Singapore.

Now that is all done, it's going to be another few more busy days to maybe setup a website or finding affiliates, traffic...that kind of work is not that easy and I don't really have an idea of which to go first...

Damn! Wish I could take a hands-on course of this.

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