Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Tough Choice

I was invited for a business preview of the E-Kiosk system that someone referred me to. I tried scratching my head on guessing the identity of the person referring me to that, but never mind.

I was showed of the features, and the returns, assurances and etc. The assurances encompasses of emergencies, vandalisms, and conformance to government laws.

The returns was a tempting for me. They can actually put the machine that I invest into one of the universities like IIUM or TAR College for a good turns of $5000 plus per month

But the price is a problem. The guys from that company knew it and they tried very hard to
make it a worthwhile for me, then even lowered the starting price to pay to $2100.

I was torn on making the choice. Those managers who sat down with me were describing me of people making money out of investing this and a senior manager told me of her colleague, a year older than me driving a Compressor instead of a old junk. Told me that it's the choice that matters.

Dad gave his opinion: no...for the fear of being a scam. Told him that I would give him all the details for him to be convinced. I stayed there until 10.30 still trying to think hard over the things that they are offering. Great features, well-thought out contingency plans, good returns and etc..

But what if he's wrong and I'm right? What if I had squandered a golden opportunity of that?
I was told that investing on that day means earning more money than commercial areas since it is placed at colleges like IIUM or TAR.

I tried saying no two times, but they are trying to convince me otherwise. Finally, I said no for the third time straight in the face. Told them I can't take it.

I was waiting to collect something from them but the expression of those who were talking to me seemed to be disappointed, and maybe they are talking behind my back about me squandering the offer. If dad make a poor judgement about this, then what am I? Regretting for not going for that?

Tell me whether if I am wrong. I just squandered a chance to make thousands of dollars.

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  1. i think your dad is just being cautious...

    When it comes to money, dad usually have more better first hand experience in investing a business...

    Plan such as the one from e-kiosk may sound very easy, but dun forget... Such unmanned ATM(automated teller machince)/AVM(automated vending machine) can be easily VANDALIZE... Not to mention the price you need to pay in order to fix the vandalized AVM back to service.


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