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Forgotten Promises

Surprised to find out that close to 400 people viewed my previous post 'Civil Disobedience'. I've checked the statistics and turns out that a lot of them got redirected from MalaysiaKini (maybe it's their spiders tracking the magic word.)

And this would be the continuation and related to Civil Disobedience.

The Mamak Man from Merbok has accused LKY of saying that newspapers are partisans towards one party and also accused him of showing the sympathy towards the Sun as being the only newspaper in Malaysia to show the truth and promote Bangsa Malaysia - something called as deliberately part of the opposition's tactics.

I have to admit that the statement by Lim Kit Siang is indeed true. The Star deliberately blacks out yesterday's statement that Malaysia is an Islamic State. I believe it is borne out of the fear of as being the largest English newspaper in Malaysia, those guys are under pressure not to make something out of the guidelines fearing the backlash from the mob-rule group. Besides, the English newspaper is read by all groups of people, not just one - hence the extra caution measures.

This is most extraordinary and unthinkable – MCA newspaper The Star “blacking out” the MCA policy statement on the “social contract”!

The Chinese newspapers gave front-page headline treatment to the policy statement issued yesterday by the MCA Presidential Council following the shock declaration of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that Malaysia was an Islamic state and not a secular state.

Strangely enough, the policy statement was reported by the Sun but it is also conspicuously omitted in the New Straits Times and the Malay newspapers.

Releasing the MCA Presidential Council statement, MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said the Federal Constitution should be the reference to resolve controversies or confusion over the social contract.

(Lim Kit Siang)


What is theSun up to? Are they fighting for a Malaysian Malaysia? Is this what (Datuk Seri Dr) Lim Keng Yaik says is a newspaper that fights for Bangsa Malaysia?" he asked.

"Bangsa Malaysia must be founded on the social contract, the country's principles of law, not outside this (aspect)," he said, reports Malaysia's national news agency Bernama.

Zainuddin said theSun should be viewed as a newspaper that supports the DAP because it fought for a "Malaysian Malaysia", which is the DAP's objective.


But has ZAM read LKY's statement of the current affairs in Malaysia? That is the question I am keen to find out. Hey...this doesn't appear in the Sun alone. But let's remember a line from his remarks on Sunday:
" We've now forgotten that. It's now 2007 and after 33 years, we've forgotten what Barisan Nasional (National Coalition Front) is."
Indeed he speaks the truth. The purpose of BN as said by the late Tun Razak Hussein was to stop politicking among each other and go for nation development. But it seems that the squabbling among BN component parties has started again. Just as the saying by LKY, you do yours and I do mine. What is worst is indeed the grim reality that we are facing and yet the big guys in Bolehland do not and I presume they are stuck back in the 80s: We are entering globalisation and if we do not work together regardless of creed and race, we will lose all the 33 years of effort in one swift stroke.

Am I saying something that is close to Civil Disobedience? The symptoms that might force the hand of this cure called Civil Disobedience. Another sign of the disease is this:

Given what ZAM has said in paper:

Zainuddin said theSun should be viewed as a newspaper that supports the DAP because it fought for a "Malaysian Malaysia", which is the DAP's objective.

"What is theSun up to? Are they fighting for a Malaysian Malaysia? Is this what (Datuk Seri Dr) Lim Keng Yaik says is a newspaper that fights for Bangsa Malaysia?" he asked.

Actually, this has nothing to do with DAP's tactics or whatsoever. As I've said previously, we are suffering from the racial polarization, all because of ignorance, and the believe of each toeing their line, doing their own work and stick to their own race. So far, have I seen people in private companies going out together for lunch in a mix race, as Bangsa Malaysia? Hardly, because of the ignorance.

What is spoken by ZAM implies of the intention by the Bolehland guys of keeping the groups seperated, each championing their own race and with those policies such as proposal of changing from English Common Law to Syariah Law further means of providing a back door in heightening religious tensions among the three big races.

As LKY said, if all the newspapers are sided to one party, "The Chinese press are sided to one party and the Malay press are sided to another party. Is there any Malaysian press where we can talk as Malaysians and as Bangsa Malaysia?" (according to him, where else but The Sun?)

The words of wisdom is indeed there: "You cannot play on one race only. If you do that, you're going to burn all of us (Malaysians) alive."

But I had the hunch that those Bolehland guys think we're talking bullshit and try to keep on playing the hero that saves the day. In this scale and scenario, it will not work. This has been the umpteenth time that the Mamak from Merbok has spoken something that drew the ire of the thinking Malaysian community after his accusation of bloggers as stupid and calling for a blogging classification program. Everyone thinks that's a stupid idea. Every online community member in Malaysia who has blogs got insulted.

And top men at Bolehland seems reluctant to admit their mistakes. An Indonesian referee got assaulted by cops. Have the officers forgotten their promises to the police force in terms of rules of engagement?

Clearly, not only this scenario, we people are starting to forget the promises made many years ago. It's time to think back and stop for one minute before things go out of control.

Listen to this man, the ex-IGP Rahim Noor: “That means my identity card or passport must state that I am a Bangsa Malaysia. My religion must also be left out as it is strictly between me and God. "

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