Monday, August 6, 2007

A Little Too Late To Retract Their Words

I know everyone of us makes mistakes. One of the common mistakes that we humans tend to make is to response on instinct on what happens around us immediately. Sometimes the words that you utter may tend to hurt others and when you realize that you've make a mistake, it may be a little too late for you to retract it.

There have been cases in Malaysian high-level society and politics whereby politicians are criticized by the people over their remarks and they found themselves a little too late to retract their words.

For instance, Uncle ZAM branded bloggers as goblok - a Javanese word for 'stupid' and was convinced that nobody would read their rantings.

But he got it wrong. Youngsters coming from rural villages are starting to become more IT savvy than those politicians are. The current politicians of the ruling coalition are administering or representing the rural areas and they think rural folks tend to read more mainstream media than blogs or posts. However, don't forget that the mainstream media is government-controlled.

How ironic for a government whose majority of ministers and representatives a pre-Internet minded. The folks from generation X to the millennial generation are the ones who are at the top of the level of literacy.

Then later, ZAM clarified his statements. But then it was too late, as it presented the same message of hitting at bloggers. If you blog for leisure, cooking and something else besides social-politics, will you be insulted by that statement?

As Joceline Tan pointed out, if politicians are to attack bloggers for the so called bullshit, be prepared to come out with concrete proof, not the kind of botch job that Mat Tyson did against RPK. See how RPK hit Mat Tyson back real hard with solid proof.

Again, one of Covey's seven habits would be 'seek first to understand before being understood'. In order to understand the whole thing, you need to see the flipside of a coin - which means, start a blog, discuss issues with the people and get the feel of it. Again, why can't we follow the example of certain politicians like Subang MP Lee Hwa Beng or JB MP Shahrir Ahmad?

Before the Bolehland guys make more noise about this, please go for blogging and start one for yourselves. Just shut up. When Uncle ZAM makes noise about bloggers, Netizens hit back at him harder he does. See?

Alright another thing, non-Muslims in the country are getting tensed over recent cases that occured in the country such as allocation, bureaucracy and the Lina Joy case, which some perceived it is part of enlarging the gap between the minority and meant to appease the majority which is the Malays?

Don't forget that the UMNO organization party forms 60% of the National Coalition Front which can indirectly say Malay supremacy - more appropriate for certain policies and verdicts. But here's an interesting thing I found out from a friend: If you are a housing developer intending to develop an estate you must meet certain conditions imposed by the Housing Ministry or the municipal council like:

You must offer a 20% less for houses that are purchased by the Bumis (Malays)
A mosque must be built in that housing area.

The problem is that if your housing area is developed in a majority non-Muslim enclave like Kepong, hardly a Malay friend would be staying there. And what's the point of having a mosque there if they don't buy the property there? There have been orders by the municipal councils like in Klang to tear down the temples on grounds that 'being unsuitable!'

The inference from this is predictable. Add the recent declaration of being an Islamic State by Najib or a theocratic state by Abdullah, it tends to fuel more anger to our non-Muslim friends. In the end, it's an indirect statement of racism to them. Then Son-In-Law clarified that UMNO is not a racist. But they've spoiled the milk already. Too late for that.

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