Thursday, August 16, 2007

Turn The Tables At Them

Today's remark by the de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz on the Cabinet's decision in refusing to accept the apology of student Wee Ming Chee shows that the Cabinet is unfair in showing mercifulness to some people and some parties.

As I've posted a comment to Bernard in his latest post:

To say this in the capacity as the de facto Law Minister proofs that he is incapable of judging things well. A person who is well versed in law should know black and white about law and be able to distinguish between serious and satire.

The message intended to be conveyed by Wee is actually something that cannot be ignored. They should instead take the initiative to fix things rather than making boo boos out it.
When it comes to the case of Harry Lee making an apology over the IDR remarks, the Cabinet simply accepted his apology - end of story. But when it comes to one little man making a joke out of it, they said no. I mean, it doesn't make sense. But of course, rather than being embarrassed by the international media, since it involves Singapore, they would show their nice PR face to the world.

They think that Wee case being a domestic case...sorry, assume is more of the right word as they think this news can never reach the international media. But have they forgotten that Yahoo Malaysia has news reported from Malaysia that can be sent over to the other side of the world in a few seconds?

The Bolehland guys are like the Vaticans of the era where they refused to accept Galileo's proven and certified findings. They absolutely refused to accept the criticism that the public leveled at them. What? They think that the public has no right to say over this? They think that the public has no privileges to tell them straight in the face of their problems? Are they trying to keep the secret from spilling all over?

Sooner or later, the secret will eventually be spilled out like beans eventually.

The recent things of unfairness stirred something in my mind. If we are to report something against the government through our policemen, we can never expect quick action to be taken. However, if a government official were to lodge a complaint to the police, the police will act fast. I am still scratching my head, trying to understand this unusual pattern of reaction. Are they bound by the command - take direct orders from superiors rather than thinking on their own. Are they becoming like the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire? Hell yes!

Tian Chua, one of the PKR's top men was summoned to make a statement regarding a doctored photo that allegedly done by him. He requested for the proof, and policeman in charge showed him the photo - but the photo was not the one doctored by him. He didn't make the statement for he knew that a religious council finger-pointed him over a photo that they did not ascertain the identity of the creator.

Strange contradictions? Yes indeed.

If we report things to the police, we carry the exact proof to show to them. But if they are to report, they would be fumbling for proof. And they brought supporters and journalists with them to report. Actually, you don't need it. Ruhanie Ahmad just came alone to make a report. Ronnie Liu came alone and make a report. Are they really afraid to do it alone?

Uncle Bernard came out with another statement to support Patrick's statement:
So mata-mata di Raja Malaysia...what more do you want before you submit this for trial with the AG who currently believes in the big picture. After Tun Hanif Omar's high octane blast of the police, do you think Nor Asmadi's employer(s) will whist him off into hiding. You never can tell when we have some key players involved. Ahemmmm. Just another item to remember:

When police reports were made against Nathaniel Tan and Raja Petra, you mata mata acted with lightning speed. When Lawyer Malik Imtiaz received a death-threat, his police report even provided the culprit's office action yet is forthcoming......and you all pakai the "Saya anti-rasuah" botton over your hearts. Pordah!
If that is the situation above, it is actually Malaysia Tak Boleh - not Malaysia Boleh! They can't live up to that slogan that they've concocted! And most of socio-political bloggers have identified the person who sent the threatening SMS to Mr. Ruhanie Ahmad.

I'm writing this because I am simply concerned and worried of what will happen if this thing is not put to the stop. As what Dr. M said yesterday, the only thing that can put a stop to the out of control mess is bloggers. Tell to the world and people truthfully and without fear.

Too many mistakes have already been made, according to Dr. M and he added, that he tried hard to help the Malays to achieve equal status as others, but he failed and he was ashamed of his own kind. The attitude portrayed by them is simply unacceptable and even contradicts what are the principles of man defined in the Quran or the Bible.

In Garuda Puranam, this kind of attitude can be punished through a form called Puyodham - a punishment where sinners are swarmed by snakes everywhere. One of the 28 punishments meted in Hell.

If they are weak, we can help you, if you can help us identify your problems. If you think we, bloggers and citizens and patriots are a menace instead of samaritans, think again - as the tables can be turned against you.

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