Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Bangsa Malaysia Report

Over a hundred of bloggers and ordinary Malaysians attended the Bangsa Malaysia gathering last night at the Blog House in Damansara Heights. Initiated by Haris Ibrahim - the intention of the gathering is to put an affirmation that Malaysia is consisted of people of various races known as Bangsa Malaysia.

Upon registration, the form, which every attendee has to fill up has something very interesting - on your discretion, you have the right to say no, irrelevant or something else on certain fields that you usually see in signing a form - that is race, religion and sex. Which was why everyone was warned earlier to read the instructions before proceeding on.

The get together started at 8.30 p.m., but I thought that there could only be light refreshments like tidbits and drinks so I had dinner before coming over. I could have accepted Edmund's invitation to join him for dinner with his family but I couldn't accept it over this meet.

The rest of the photos can be seen at my Flickr photo page.

Of course the usual lot is there, with Jeff, Bernard, Tony Yew - there are three Tony's there BTW, Rocky, Nathaniel, YL, Marina and Tony Pua there. But the ones I met there are new faces including Chris (Mob) who was working under Patrick Teoh - mum's friend, Clifford Tan (Ghost line), the organizer, Harris and a few more including Eric Woon and Stephen Francis.

An interesting fact, according to Bernard, Clifford actually caught a cybertrooper red-handed attempting to plant a seditious comment over his blog. He managed to trace the identity of the person involved and through some common sense.

Howsy (The Sensintrovert) showed me a trick to pull more attention - by pinging the portal called the Petaling Street project. Something worth to try out but it seems that I need to wait for a few more days before my blog is added to the directory. TV Smith, the famous satirist was also there, and it was a big chance for me to meet the man in person as one of my favorite parodies written by him would be the MOB Blog.

Of course, the show starts and ends with the National Anthem. There's food and drinks and dedications to the nation by singing and poetry recital. Jeff did the rectal and Azmi and a few more youngsters sang some songs dedicating to the nation.

We're facing a lot of problems in society and they have launched a initiative called PELITAR -Penyayang Legasi dan Inspirasi Tunku Abdul Rahman, which aims to achieve what the Tunku idealizes for the nation. Overall, it is a very enlightening experience of being there to celebrate the spirit of Merdeka among the bloggers who aimed to achieve a better Malaysia.


  1. hello melvin,

    Dropping by to say hi. Glad to see you have your cyber-defences up. If you catch one of those rats, may I suggest you conduct a 'public execution' of the cyberthug as I did.

    The objective is to expose to public view the fact that there is an active UMNO effort to PLANT INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE on civil society blogs in order to pave the way for persecution, just as they tried to do with Raja Petra.

    By putting it on public record, you already building another layer of defence, as well as evidence against the cyberthugs.

    Since I 'executed' the cyberthug I have had no further trouble. Jeff Ooi will also be providing advisory on this topic soon.

    All the best, and keep the fire burning, bro.

  2. hey clifford,

    thanks for dropping by.

    chris once said that those guys who are the ones being exposed to the net, sometimes they could have learn some sense after reading lots of posts about the malpractices committed by their bosses.

    oh yeah..i'm going to do that EMAS thing there...a friend told me that meaning means Engkau Masuk Aku Sunat!! :)


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